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Braunton Chiropractor Simeon Gray

simeonI moved to North Devon from Bristol in 2000 and grew up on a farm in a big family. In the past I worked as a Pool Lifeguard and I am a qualified Surf Lifeguard, volunteering with Saunton Sands Surf Life Saving Club. I enjoy surfing, skateboarding, and spending time on the sunny west coast beaches.

Being a physically active and interactive person, I wanted to work in an active job that involved working with people. Initially I looked into being a medical doctor or physical therapist; but in the meantime I came across osteopathy and chiropractic, and was inspired by the non-invasive drug-free method of healthcare that searches for the root cause of a problem instead of just treating the symptoms. Being tall I had some low back and neck pain myself so researched and received treatment from different chiropractors and osteopaths to find the treatment style I liked the most. I was helped by the McTimoney Chiropractic method, and so I trained and qualified as a chiropractor from McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. After qualifying, I was introduced to the NIP technique, which I am particularly interested in because it ensures that the appropriate adjustment is being made into your nervous system, in the right place, at the right time. This is important in the process of resolving the layered patterns of issues and compensations that build up in our nervous system with the tension that we put our body under on a daily basis, from a wide range of physical, mental, and chemical stress. So come in to one of our clinics and we will strive to provide you with the most appropriate care for you.

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