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Practice Manager Crin Palmer

I started out in chiropractic by being a patient.2016-04-01 12.50.12

When I went to my appointment, there was a note on the chiropractor’s door advertising for a Chiropractic Assistant.I jumped at the opportunity and badgered the chiropractor until he was able to give me a few hours which over time I was able to increase.

 I worked in Kingskerswell for just under five years until the chiropractor closed the clinic and moved his practice to another town.  I really loved my work and didn’t want to look for a different type of job, I just wanted to stay in chiropractic! Luckily, County Chiropractic heard that I was available and took me on.

County Chiropractic is a great place to be, I have been able to use initiative and work my way up to senior chiropractic assistant (CA), CA manager and now 4 years later, practice manager. The opportunities are endless and the encouragement of the owners are what have not only helped me progress but made me want to progress.

D62E5C5A-B231-4B7A-87C5-28B21E5E177AWhen I started in chiropractic, I was told by other CAs that I would change. I thought that I didn’t want to but now I am here, I understand what they meant, it was change for the better. It has made me a better person and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Before chiropractic I never thought I would be in a career again rather than a job, I am so pleased I am!

I get adjusted regularly so I can enjoy my swimming and being  outdoors with my animals.I believe that I love floating in the clinic’s floatation therapy tank because of my affinity with water.

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