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Kate Ford


I discovered my interest in massage whilst completing my NVQ 2 and 3 in Beauty Therapy. When I was working within the beauty industry and running my own beauty clinic I always enjoyed offering a deep tissue Swedish massage.

My passion for massage therapy grew and I began working within a large city centre country club where I was able to offer clients a full rehabilitation programme which included full consultation, analysis, treatment, at home recommendations and also a personalised session with a personal trainer to then focus on their fitness and life style needs. The personal trainers and myself worked closely together to offer each client a full overall health package.

Whilst working for the country club I successfully completed my Diploma in Remedial Massage, this is when I was really able to develop my skills and knowledge.

I found my deep tissue sports massage techniques benefitted regular gym users , clients who opted for a healthy active life style and clients who prefer a deep thorough massage. Whereas my Remedial techniques help to target specific muscular problems or areas.

I actively encourage everyone to have massage; it benefits the mind, body and soul. And I aim to adapt my skills, knowledge and experience to help each individual to ensure they have the best therapy possible.
I am keen to continue my passion for massage therapy through chiropractic care because I believe these two therapies synchronise well together.

What Her Patients Say…

“Kate is a fantastic Massage Therapist. She understands exactly what I need in terms of massage. She asses excellently the level of treatment required and has very strong hands! Brilliant for all those with Acute or Chronic problems. Defiantly recommended. She has a great sense of humour too.”
- SS
“After years of training in the gym my range of movement has seriously diminished and my shoulders were often painful, which affected my training and my sleep.
Since I have been receiving treatment from Kate, my range of movement has massively improved, my strength has increased and I am able to sleep a lot easier as I no longer suffer from a stiff painful shoulder through the night.”
“I first consulted Kate about my shoulder pain several months ago since I was having acute spasms of pain. I had the Cortisone injection into the troubled area but it appeared to be wearing off. So with the attitude that I had nothing to lose I booked a few sessions with Kate. From the first treatment there was quite an improvement and a significant reduction in pain. Although the pain did not go away completely it was worth continuing the treatment which she recommended we do. So with subsequent treatments the improvement continued and the pain was reduced and the relief persisted for longer.
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She seems to have the knack to eek out those fine areas where the trouble exists and she sure works into them. But it was worth it. I can honestly say that this treatment I had was better than physiotherapy I have had. And even more beneficial than other medical advice I have had

She has a cheerful but professional manner and it is a pleasant experience to be under her “working” hands. I am not too well versed in medical terminology concerning my shoulder but she has a very good knowledge of the intricate muscles and joints that all seem to have complicated names and work together in ways I never knew. So her knowledge seems impressive and I got a lot of sense out of what she said in answers to my questions. Very impressed indeed. Would strongly recommend her treatment to anybody who is suffering from like problems with joints and muscles.”


“As a Remedial Therapist myself, I would only have treatment from a Therapist who I knew to be knowledgeable, skilled, personable and who I trusted. Kate ticks all these boxes!”

Laura Howell-Griffith

Laura-HGHaving an interest in how the body works and how it repairs after injury has been fuelled by my passion for dance. I have been a dancer for a number of years and I discovered that using hands-on techniques helped with muscle damage that dancers would incur. After graduating from University with a Dance degree I went on to train as a Massage Therapist. I now work full time helping people to get a good balance of physical and mental health through massage and bodywork.

My aim with every massage is to improve your mental and physical health. To do this I use massage as a way of releasing any muscle tension, which in turn should benefit your wellbeing. Everybody is different in the way we think, feel and look. The same applies when we injure ourselves or when we’re stressed, everybody reacts differently in an emotional way but also physically. I work using deep tissue techniques to locate and release specific muscle tension which could be causing you physical pain or discomfort.

What Her Patients Say…

“I’ve had many good massages from Laura and each time she tailors it to exactly what I need and like. She sits down and talks about how I want to feel at the end. I like a firm massage and Laura can certainly do that, but I’ve recommended friends who like a softer one and she tailors her touch perfectly for them too! She has extensive skills in the many different muscles and areas of the body and can focus on what’s needed or wanted. I would highly recommend Laura based on many massages!”
– FS
“Laura is a fantastic therapist and has definitely helped my swimmers shoulder and lower back niggles. Highly recommended.”
– CP
“Amazing therapist! Very knowledgeable and has a really good touch! Highly recommend”
– NZ
“Laura is an excellent Therapist, I’d highly recommend her.”
– EC

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