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Q&A Session and Final Measurements

Monday 19th July 7-8pm

Neil will run a short session to recap the main points of this series of health talks and to hold a question and answer session to bring this series to an end.

healthy for life

The talks are being held at:

The Sargent Room in the Coaver Social club which is set in
the grounds of County Hall, Exeter, Devon EX2 4QD, UK


If you are travelling from Exeter along Topsham Road:
Take a left turn at the traffic lights into Matford Road. Take the first right turn into County Hall grounds.
After the barrier, turn immediately right into the Coaver car park. The Coaver Club building is straight ahead as you turn into the car park (ignore the buildings on the left and right). The entrance door is on the right side as you face the building. Following the staircase to the first floor and Sargent room is straight ahead.

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The Full Series
About Talk One: “Genetics, Lifestyle and Health: The Scientific Truth about who gets Sick and Who Stays Well”

This talk will, in an engaging and entertaining way, explain the scientific truth about health and sickness – where they come from and how you get them. It will give you information that will change the way that you see those two things (health and sickness) so that you can really begin to take charge of your health!

So, it will change the way you view health and it will also lay the foundation for the following three talks that will show you what to do to gain health!

About Talk Two: “Eat Well”

This talk will show you how to eat in order to attain your birthright of perfect health. We will look at what constitutes ‘genetically congruent nutrition’; in other words what are we genetically designed to eat. We’ll also look at the consequences of eating in a way that is genetically incongruent and how we can easily and gradually change how we eat in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable for life.

About Talk Three: “Move Well”

This talk will show you how to move and expend energy in a way that leads to levels of vitality you never knew were possible. We will see that movement and energy expenditure are not optional extras for those who want to look good, but are requirements for health (our genes require the stimulation of exercise in order to express health!). We will then look at how we can easily and gradually change the way we move and expend energy in ways that are enjoyable and sustainable for life.

About Talk Four: “Think Well”

This talk will… show you how to think in order to achieve our natural state of mind which is loving, optimistic and purposeful. We will see how what you THINK affects how you FEEL; how you FEEL affects what you DO; and what you DO creates your results in the world. Since you get to choose what you think; you are in control of how you feel and what you do. Changing how you think is the key to changing what you do, this talk is therefore incredibly helpful in terms of implementing the ideas from the Eat Well and Move Well talks.

Please bring pen and paper to this talk as we will be doing some life changing exercises.

Come Prepared

“Eat Well”– If possible, before attending this talk, keep a two day food journal. That is, write down everything that you eat, drink, chew or smoke for two days (preferably 1 work day and 1 non-workday). Don’t change how you eat, just keep a record of what you eat. Don’t worry, you’ll never have to show this information to anyone else, you won’t be marked on it, you don’t even have to bring it to the talk. This is simply to provide you with a baseline measurement of how you currently eat.

“Move Well”– Keep a 1 week exercise journal. The same rules apply as for the food journal.

“Think Well”– Set a timer to go off every 15 minutes and every time it sounds write down your thoughts (i.e. your self talk). Ideally this should be done for an entire day, but even just a few hours will be helpful. Again, you’ll never have to show this to anyone, it is simply to give you an idea of your current self talk.

Feedback from the First Session

  • “Inspirational – I have motivation to change”
  • “I will definitely be coming to the next talks – unmissable”
  • “Fantastic presentation for all the family, thank you so much!”
Exeter Chiropractor, Neil Cox, explains some key health concepts to a packed house.

Exeter Chiropractor, Neil Cox, explains some key health concepts to a packed house.

Further Information

As a part of our ongoing commitment to educating individuals about chiropractic care, we have taken the initiative to establish a series of free educational talks within the community, which will change the way you view health and will show you what to do to gain health! The talks, while entertaining and enthusiastically given, will show the scientific truth that we are each in control of our own health, and are designed to inspire easy and gradual lifestyle change to create long term wellness and vitality.

The information in these talks provides the missing pieces of the wellness puzzle and will massively enhance the benefits of chiropractic care. The information will also be a powerful tool for those who are not receiving chiropractic care, so all are welcome!

Health Talks in {PJ}
All the talks are free to all current and prospective practice members. So if you are a member of the community and you are interested in taking control of your own health, please get in touch and join us at St Luke’s Science and Sports College! You are welcome to bring your family, friends and work colleagues, so there is no excuse! All you have to do is book your place!

To book your FREE please call the clinic direct on 01392 208496 or email Steve at stating which talks you are going to attend.

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