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Additional Practice Member Testimonials

  • Roz M. thumbnail

    County Chiropractic is the best!

    - Roz M.
  • Andrew K. thumbnail

    I found the experience superb and have noticed an improvement already.

    - Andrew K.
  • Dean E. thumbnail

    First class from start to finish. Thank you!

    - Dean E.
  • Rachael D. thumbnail

    Lovely friendly and welcoming reception.

    - Rachael D.
  • Susan T. thumbnail

    Very relaxing environment.


    - Susan T.
  • Sandra T. thumbnail

    Amazing! Can’t believe the difference after just one session.

    - Sandra T.
  • Peter Crews thumbnail

    Friendly and efficient reception team. Consider it for a wide range of ailments – not just the obvious back pain

    - Peter Crews
  • Lorna M.  thumbnail

    Nina has been lovely, very professional and charming on every visit, made to feel as though nothing was too much trouble.

    - Lorna M.
  • Paul B. thumbnail

    I send you my appreciation and thanks.

    - Paul B.
  • Cath H. thumbnail

    Fantastic experience – thank you. I instantly felt relieved of pain from my first visit.

    - Cath H.
  • Jenny W. thumbnail

    Great experience all round!

    - Jenny W.
  • Robert I. thumbnail

    Felt very welcomed and cared for, very professional and friendly.

    - Robert I.
  • Charlotte V. thumbnail

    Before seeing Neil at County Chiropractic I can’t remember a day since having children waking up without experiencing back pain

    - Charlotte V.
  • Dennis F. thumbnail

    County Chiropractic is a friendly, professional and welcoming place. I found the experience very positive. Thank you.

    - Dennis F.
  • Dave T. thumbnail

    I am now feeling better and more nimble than I have in a very long time.


    - Dave T.
  • Janice H. thumbnail

    Great staff all round. Friendly greeting on arrival. Really felt looked after throughout the whole visit.

    - Janice H.
  • Karin P. thumbnail

    I am pleased to have found you and everything from information to treatment is spot on and really well executed ! friendly and professional ! Thanks

    - Karin P.
  • Jan Navran thumbnail

    I have full confidence in their abilities. Friends and family have been so impressed with my progress they have made appointments too.


    - Jan Navran
  • Geoff J. thumbnail

    Great team. Can’t believe the difference it’s made. Thank you.

    - Geoff J.
  • Jessica. thumbnail

    Look forward to my next visit 

    - Jessica.
  • Paul d. thumbnail

    Shouldn’t have. Seen marked improvement in flexibility. Back pains still come and go but 20 years of damage will take a while to heal. Impressed.

    - Paul d.
  • Maria T. thumbnail

    Look forward to my following visits and feeling better.

    - Maria T.

Pain free

Pleasantly surprised by the whole Chiropractic care package and now being pain free. I’m proud to tell people I have Chiropractic Care at County Chiropractic. It’s the best thing I have done and it’s helped me in so many ways.

Natasha Hutchings

Walking without a stick

How very helpful and friendly every one was nothing seems to be too much trouble. People who knew me could not believe that after a short time I was walking so well without a stick. Give it a try don’t hesitate. It will be worth it! Everything is explained to you in simple terms so you understand.

Valerie Morgen

High Recommendation

Having been recommended, I was given a glowing report and had no concerns at all. It was recommended to me and I would certainly recommend it to others.

Margaret Maciver

Sleep improved

Oliver, who is one of twins had very limited movement in his arms and neck range. He also had trouble sleeping at night. Oliver is able to move his neck and arms more freely. Often clapping his hands and sleeping with his arms above his head, which is something he has never been able to do. His sleep has improved and I am sure this is down to him feeling more comfortable.

Well worth the money just to feel comfortable. Especially for a baby when they can’t tell you what’s wrong.

Oliver Brooks, age 1

Love the kids area

I was surprised with the care and thoughtfulness of the kids area and how well organised everything is.

Ellena Borlase

Gentle & pleasant sessions

For approximately 20 years I have suffered from Vertigo, the symptoms of which are occasional attacks of extreme dizziness resulting in my being completely disorientated and unable to stand up, followed up by violent sickness and diarrhoea resulting in my being unable to do anything for 6-8 hours. In between these attacks I have a general level of mild dizziness most of the time.

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After numerous unsuccessful attempts at treatment from the GP and hospital, I had long given up any hope of a cure. I thought I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. I had never considered chiropractic as a treatment for vertigo, thinking that they only dealt with bad backs, etc. How ever after several very gentle and quite pleasant sessions of neck and cranial massage I am now completely clear of all symptoms and have been for several months, all without medication and their associated side effects.

Terry Venn

Gentle & effective

In 1965 I was hurt in a car crash. My right eye was damaged and my nose was virtually severed. Since then I have lived in constant pain in my head and eye. There were areas on my forehead I couldn’t bear to touch. I frequently needed to take pain relief and also travel sickness pills as my vision caused much dizziness. It hampered and spoiled my whole life limiting what I could do.

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The staff are all very caring and friendly and the treatment I received was very gentle and effective. I felt great relief from my long-standing pain almost immediately. After subsequent visits most of my pain has gone completely and I have not needed to take pain killers which in itself is a great achievement.

I did not think I would ever be free of the pain I had had for so long! I am so grateful and very glad I came here for treatment. Definitely try it, it can change your life!

Diane Clark

Warm & friendly

All the staff are very warm and friendly and extremely helpful with the boys – someone helped me to carry them back to the car and they were offered toys in the waiting room which was great. I feel very confident to bring them on my own, as you are so child friendly.

I would encourage others to give it a try for sure – as we have had such a positive experience. When we first came – our children were underweight and having bad colds and chest infections continuously – since coming for Chiropractic care, their health has significantly improved and their growth has picked up. Also their general well being is much higher.

Riley and Ethan Lovegrove, age 2


I occasionally required treatment for lower back pain, so I made an appointment at with Neil at County Chiropractic. During his initial assessment he asked if I had headaches, my answer was yes. I had, (sometimes very severe) headaches most of my adult life, you learn to live with them to some degree. I was impressed by the friendly but still very professional service. Most impressive of all was that after a series of treatments I was relieved me of my awful headaches.

My life is so much improved, not having to struggle with at times, severe pain and at others extreme discomfort. I have also had treatments for back and leg problems with amazing results. Do not hesitate chiropractic science and the skill of its practitioners has to be experienced to truly be appreciated.

Tony West

Quick treatment response

Following a bad car accident and major surgery I was in a great deal of pain and unable to walk unaided. My body skeletal shape was at best compromised. I needed to help regain correct alignment and posture. By seeing a chiropractor I hoped this would lead to a reduction in pain and discomfort. I was surprised at how quickly I responded to treatment, walking upright and unaided within weeks with a gradual reduction in pain levels. My heartfelt thanks to Gareth.

Tony Moll

Long term pain relief

I was surprised at the long term pain relief I have experienced and general feeling of better health. Definitely try it – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thank you County Chiropractic for giving me a healthier life!

June Styan

Amazed with outcome

My baby was always unhappy, seemed uncomfortable with stomach problems. The health visitor suggested seeing if a chiropractor could help. It actually worked, they found a couple of problems and it has completely changed Charlie. He was always miserable and I was at the end of my teather. I had constantly tried to find out what was wrong and got nowhere, this was my last resort. He is now the happiest baby.

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I only wish I found out about chiropractors earlier because it took 4 ½ months, which was hell, to sort out Charlies problems. If I didn’t seek help from County Chiropractic, Charlie could still be uncomfortable and who knows how long it would have lasted. I am so thankful for helping my baby to now be the happiest baby, instead of the miserable one he used to be. He now sleeps 13 hours a night and is a pleasure to be around. THANKYOU

Go with an open mind, I didn’t expect to have Charlie’s problems sorted but I was completely amazed with the outcome. I’d recommend it to everyone.

Jenna Tiley

Friendly staff

Having suffered from back problem for many years which started with a prolapsed disk at 39 years of age and 2 ½ weeks in hospital on traction, followed by a plaster jacket. I visited my doctor who referred me to a physio at the practise on two occasions but the treatment received and the exercises suggested only gave me short term relief.

20 years ago I was told one of my legs was longer than the other. It wasn’t until I visited Rachael at County Chiropractic that I found out, in fact, they weren’t.

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During visits to County Chiropractic my treatment has been clearly explained to me and I was surprised the treatment I received made a difference so quickly. Progress reports were also given after treatments as well. I found all the staff I have met to be very friendly. I just wish this type of treatment was recognised and available on the NHS.

Vicky Slilstar

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